About Her Story Continues

Her Story Continues was developed after consulting with several clients who were experiencing feelings of being stuck in this uncomfortable place in life. They constantly struggled with the constraints placed on them by society, forcing them to live by a narrative that was written for them by others. How many times in life have we been told to act a certain way, to dress in a certain fashion, or to fulfill a specific role or task because in order for our lives to be meaningful we must abide by those unwritten rules of society?

I don’t know about you, but I HATE being told what to do, how to do it, and how I’m supposed to act to fit into society. As a young professional female, I am constantly reminded by others how I am supposed to be living my life. Yes, having an education and career are great accomplishments, but I am always bombarded with the questions like: 

“Why aren’t you married yet?”, “When are you having children and settling down?”, “Don’t you think you should be more lady-like instead of so independent?”

All of these things are great for the right individual, but my personal challenge has always been, why can’t I have BOTH/AND?

The concept of Both/And is just that, the idea that we can have BOTH…AND options in life. Why is it that we feel as if we must choose either one way or the other. “Choose EITHER having a family of your own OR being a successful and educated individual.” NO! I refuse to settle for the constraints placed on me by society forcing me to choose one life or the other. I want both and I can achieve both, no matter what those both options are. I have the ability to choose, structure, and create the life that I want for myself.

However, in order to create that life that you desire for yourself, you must first ask yourself, “Who do you want to be?” As an individual and therapist, I will be the first to admit that this is not an easy question to answer. When one begins the self-reflection process of identifying who it is that they desire to become, they are also digging into the past of who they once were. That past may have moments of hurt and shame, but those experiences have helped shape who you are as an individual today.

Milton Erikson once shared,

“To know, accept and help one's client, the therapist must first know and accept themselves at the deepest part of being?”

(Gilligan, 2001, p.2). By engaging in this introspection, I began to learn myself at my deepest being, and started to develop and re-author who I desired to be moving forward.

Hence the meaning behind Her Story Continues. Despite how many times society or others have tried to place us in a box where we have to follow their rules, we have the power to break those constraints. Her Story Continues is a platform that is used to empower others through their self-discovery journey as they realize that they are no longer chained by the stories that were created for them.

There’s beauty and strength in breaking those chains, stepping outside of that box, choosing both/and options, and ultimately creating a narrative that best fits who you desire to be. 

Your story too can and will continue!